About us

About Horizona

We are European supplier of various food industries, including Dairy, Tomatoes, Eggs, Oil and Fat, Flour and Yeast, Sugar.

We operate flexibly, we keep searching for new ways and innovative solutions to provide what our customer needs.

We focus on a smart approach based on open communication and direct action in the market, which allows us to manage complex supply chains for raw materials and food ingredients.

We operate with the most professional suppliers, producers, and partners, that is how we select our products based on expertise, high quality, and tailor-made solutions for Industrial and retail commodities.

On top of that, we are always here to give information, answer your questions, and solve any matter regarding your needs, so we make sure we provide you with the best services and solutions.

Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy stands for providing the best services and products. We always strive to invent solutions that help our customers and add benefits to our partners.

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Horizona Ingredients: we drive our business by approaching values in the field of sustainability, innovation, safety, resources, and expertise.

We are flexible, dynamic, and open to customers' proposals by providing expertise in developing Nutritional solutions under customer customizations.

We Provide the Market with Raw materials from different sources, and we take care of the quality, and the service we present to assure customer satisfaction. Horizona Ingredients: Discover our Brands.

We care about

Sustainability & Innovation

Hand in hand with our global partners, we are taking daily steps in the field of Innovation and we are looking forward to safe future generations.

Horizona Ingredients, boosts and supports sustainability, where we are aware of the valuable importance of health and safety of our community and Environment.

  • Horizona d.o.o.
  • Ulica Vita Kraigherja 5
  • 2000 Maribor
  • Slovenia

  • T: +386 (0)63 167 41 01
    E: contact@horizona.eu
Our solutions
  • We supply
  • We add value
  • Quality food

  • Products

  • Dairy
    Flour, dry yeast and sugar
    Oils products
Our ingredients
  • Milk powder

  • FCMP regular and instant
  • SMP regular and instant
  • FFMP regular and instant
  • Milk powder substitutes
  • Whey powder
  • Buttermilk powder

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