Our ingredients

Horizona Dairy Ingredients provides Ingredients Dairy based on the best milk collected from European Farms. Together with our partners, we can maintain a large and stable dairy volume that meets our customer ' s needs and expectations.

Horizona Dairy Ingredients are flexible, dynamic, and open to customers' proposals by providing expertise in developing Nutritional solutions under customer customizations.

Horizona Dairy Ingredients drive our business by approaching values in the field of sustainability, innovation, safety, resources, and expertise.

Milk powder

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FCMP regular and instant

Low Heat, Medium Heat and High Heat

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SMP regular and instant

Low Heat, Medium Heat and High Heat

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FFMP regular and instant

With different fat and protein contents

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Milk powder substitutes

Replace the regular milk powder:
Skimmed milk powder
Full cream milk powder

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Whey powder

Sweetr whey powder (SWP)
Acid whey powder (AWP)
Demineralized whey powder (DWP)

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Buttermilk powder

An excellent source of proteins with a low fat content

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Casein & Caseinate

Acid Casein
Rennet Casein
Sodium Caseinate
Calcium Caseinate

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Other ingredients

LFMP 1/30
LFMP 1/15

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Tailored ingredients

Other Parameters of milk blends are available on request.

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Infant / baby formula

STEP 1: (0 - 6 months)
STEP 2: (6 – 12 months)
STEP 3: 1 year and up 

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Our ingredients
  • Milk powder

  • FCMP regular and instant
  • SMP regular and instant
  • FFMP regular and instant
  • Milk powder substitutes
  • Whey powder
  • Buttermilk powder

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